Self made dock for A2109!


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Dec 3, 2012
Howdy All:

Some time back I had written about a dock for the A2109, and I think it was FloRider that said in his opinion it wasn't possible.
I realize that he mean't a Mfg Dock "BUT" that got my wheels grinding.
So after a couple of days of thinking and rethinking it over I decided to give it a shot.

I had laying around a 3 or 4 foot piece of pine wood laying around the width was perfect approx 10 inches, So I cut 2- 14 inch pieces.
I like the Land Scape type cases so I took a piece of paper and traced out around the case to get the angle I wanted and then traced out and cut the two side pieces to the angle that I wanted, then of coarse I mounted the side pieces on top of the 14 inch bottom piece, then mounted my 14 inch piece on the top.
For the support pieces for the tablet to lay on I cut out of the same pine board 2- 1 inch wide pieces 6 inches long, allowing for a 2 inch slot at the bottom to run any wires through that was an added just in case feature.
It was all put together with Wire Brads and Elmer's Glue.
I then took the Elmer's Glue after cutting out some felt pieces to fit each Side, Front, Edge and Top and I also wrapped around the two support pieces felt to protect the tablet and it's case.

I then put in the back a set of Logi Tech Amplified Speakers.
Wrapped up the wires with Plastic Zip Ties and mounted them to Self Sticking Plastic Zip Tie mounting squares.

And on the bottom I glued two Mouse Pads to prevent it from sliding.
Sorry about the portrait pics I Opp's..... :eek:

Sitting on it at the moment is my Iconia A500.
The finishing touches will be put on it once I get my A2109.
But I just couldn't wait to share it, So of coarse I attached a couple of pictures of it.
I hope you like I took the pictures with my phone and it's camera is not the best.... :p

Hey Guys: I thought you might like to see my A2109 on the dock that I made for it.
Also I took a Plastic Ciggirette Box took the lid off of it and mounted it to the side of the dock to keep my stylus in and to keep them from getting lost when I'm not using them.
I have a very bad habit of putting things off to the side, Then getting mad when I can't find it because I didn't put it back in front of me so I knew where it was.
Since I put the case on the dock I haven't lost a stylus yet!
NOTICE I did say "YET".... :p


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