semi dumb question, but I hope this can be done


Jan 27, 2011
I made a password pattern on my Pandigital media tablet, and I forgot what the pattern was. is there any way to reset my device so I can start from scratch? I got this as a christmas present, and I'd like to be able to use it. any help would be nice. thanks!
you can flash a new firm ware that should fix it, but someone might also comment with another solution
if you can boot into recovery, you should be able to wipe data/cache and get rid of the lock.
Hold one of the buttons when you power it up. Each manufacturer seems to like to use a different button, so try each of them.
if you keep doing the wrong code I think it lets you unlock by typing in your email... or something... I not sure.
There may also be a way to unlock it via the internet, you just type your email into a google page (Which I have just lost the link for)

I hope this helps,
no it didnt. is there any way to reset it by just pressing a series of buttons or something? Its a pretty cheap device, so there has to be away around this.
Do you have the sdk installed? If so, just use adb to reboot into recovery.
adb reboot recovery
Then wipe data and cache.

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That tablet doesn't have recovery:

It is a pretty painful process.

Otherwise, to reflash a ROM, try this:
Original ->

tipstir has a stash of ROMs that will work on that tablet.

All you need is microSD. Extract the files to the card. From device off, insert it into the card. Power on and follow instructions.

You will lose data.