Sketch W Friends- Multiplayer Pictionary Game for Android Tablets


Mar 9, 2012
Hello Everyone,

We’ve just released Sketch W Friends, a real-time, multi-player game of Pictionary for Android Tablets.


Sketch W Friends for Android Tablets is a real-time, multi-player, turn-based game that draws inspiration from the two classic games of Pictionary and Charades. Sketch W Friends lets you compete with other players and puts your creative and vocabulary skills to the ultimate test.

Sketch W Friends is also available for the iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook. What’s cool is that, this game is truly cross-platform! So, you can now play a fun game of Pictionary with all your pals who are on other platforms as well!

Sketch W Friends is available as both paid and free versions. Here are the links: PAID & FREE.

We hope all of you will have many happy hours of playing Sketch W Friends!

We at XLabz take your feedback and opinions very seriously and try to improve our products to measure up to your expectations. Please feel free to email us on support[at]xlabz[dot]com with your feedback and suggestions.

User Reviews for Sketch W Friends so far:

“Would recommend downloading, entertaining and amusing :)”

“This is an amazing concept and a wonderful game. Love to sketch challenging words. It's very exciting! I love word games and this is one of the most exciting yet.”

“It is so addicting. Great game to play with friends :)!!!!!!”

“Omg it's the best app ever”

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