Skype on Haipad M701 - where?


Dec 7, 2010

I just received new Haipad M701 from China - it says Android 2.1
I checked in Android Market on internet the Skype program - it is there. But when I enter AndroidMarket from Haipad, I cannot find Skype application.

Do I missing something? Btw other apps can be installed via AndroidMarket with no problems.

Thanks a lot for help!
I found Skype and installed it, however it constantly crashed my M701-R until I uninstalled it and tried Fring.
Fring worked until I discovered that the microphone (in mine at least ) is abysmal. That is to say that it's really really bad sounding.
+1 the mic in my tablet is anything but acceptable in terms of being a good mic...not sure what that issue is but I'm inclined to think it's hardware (either placement internally, or the gain is WAY too low -- this would be software I would think). DEFINITELY not cool...going to try out my iPod headset with mic to see if that works...stay tuned for results...
Sadly it does not support headsets (already tried that =( )
Itmight be possible to replace the build in 3 contacts headset jack with a 4 contacts one
and use thin cables to connect the microphone port to it
but i dont think i want to open my m701 while it is fully working and skype is crashing all the time...
I have knocked around the idea of a mic upgrade, and there is a video of how to open up a Haipad, but errrrrrrrr not just now.

I'm a hardware hacker from way back and would rather not risk it. Especially now that the thing seems to be running so well. (firmware update & root with autokiller)

There is also the possibility that the other hardware in the system is at fault, although I just got a decent sounding (if extremely low volume ) voice recording out of mine.

My guess at this point is that it is half hardware implementation and half software implementation, but it still equals no Skype, which is a bummer.

My bro in law and I have used Skype on our netbooks while playing Wii a couple of states apart Shame the M701-R doesn't seem to be up to it (yet)