So, looking to get this Asus MeMO 370T - anyone know if the specs are worth the price

Mar 15, 2012
I joined this forum to ask about a tablet for about 250, but i made sure to check around first, as i know nothing is more obnoxious than forum newbs being obnoxious. im a certified tech(who barely uses caps, even when i should) and i work with computers etc etc.

i was looking to get a tablet for about 250 and i found this Asus MeMO 370T. it doesnt come out for about 2 weeks, but from what i can see, there is almost no downside to this device. why WOULDNT i want it? the problem is that i know NOTHING about tablets and touchpads. i understand the specs and things, and i dont even want the tablet to do heavy lifting, but for a little more than i originally wanted to spend(around 200), i feel like this is one helluva deal.

just from experienced users, does this seem like a good deal? or is there something i am missing? there are so many things ive learned about how you can get scammed on a tablet, so any help to a novice purchaser would be appreciated.

If its as awesome as it looks, i think ill get one for myself when its released.

ALSO- is it possible to get an external 3G device? like USB or something for pretty cheap? And any idea if this device is compatible with such a thing? I would love it if it had 3G built-in, because i pay buku bucks every month for it, but i dont see that its a feature.

Anywho- here is a link with some specs. any help would be much MUCH appreciated.

Asus MeMo 370T: The 7-Inch, Quad-Core, $250 Dream Tablet | Techland |


EDIT: also, i understand the general concept of "rooting" something, but what are the advantages to doing it? Also- could this device be rooted? im sure no one knows quite yet, as its not out yet, but it seems strange that some devices could be, and other couldnt..

thanks again!
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Mar 15, 2012
I actually did see that Nexus as well, but apparently for only 50 more bananas you can get something a bit better, being the one i have a link to. Ill probably ante up and spend the extra, just so i never have to worry about lag issues again..


Mar 5, 2012
Really for $250 only ? The specification looks great and in this price.... well i must say it is totally worth it. I already got my tablet so won't be getting a new one but if i were you and this was the deal, i would have totally gone for it.


Apr 20, 2012
I believe the MeMo 370T is getting completely scraped for the Nexus to make a cheaper more "community affordable" tablet (Nexus will be priced around $150). That means no Tegra 3 tablet for $250 (booo). I believe the Nexus will have a Snapdragon CPU.

Source: Rumor: Google Nexus Tablet gets a refresh on its spec sheet |

Agreed, saw the same thing. Posted March 16th. I am really pissed about this. I have been saving ever since I heard of its release and now to find out it was cancelled for the Nexus? Really? This is so bogus its not even funny. They need to come out with it any way, and see what the competition does. I really want one.


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Nov 8, 2011
You would think they would listen to consumers in botyh camps.
Those who can afford and want the best gear & those with less money to spare and just want a capable , reliable device..if they nailed both of these tablets at the same time, asus could be the biggest tablets seller since...dare I say it? THEM!!

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