Spanish rookie help with firewire


Jan 6, 2011
hello friends first thing is to apologize for my English not good on my google and now I would make some inquiries, I have I think is a flytouch have upgraded several firewire as flytouch_1.9_88, and WMT2 xFlytouch256.1.9.88.v4a .0 _000_RS_V1.0 and all work well. well now that I have installed is the epad_exscript7e2018y also works for me although I would like to put the hibernation since my wife let hibernanda like to continue reading and do not wait on again and I hope that I will work as I youyube works like closing some applications but they are few.
if I wanted to update that would have to be set to update as I put a firewire WMT 2.1_88 and title although the screen did not work and the tube be removed. good with this information would help me and if you have any questions for me thank you very much and you doing excellent forum