Successful OTA System Update last night

Jan 31, 2011
Thought I would post my experience about my flytouch 2 uprade. I purchased the unit from ebay and just received it Monday. When prompted for the system updated I deiced to ignore this message until I learned more.

That is where I found this website. After some reading, I decided to ROOT the system and do a full backup with Titanium Backup. Then I tried the manual install method from here

The manual update gave an error and the (wish I wrote it down) but I decided to reboot back into system and try the built in OTA system update (This was bought as a gift for my wife, so I really wanted to see a simple update proceedure)

The first download FAILED (took about 50 minutes) The 2nd download completed in about the same amount of time and it was a good clean download. The installation process began and the system rebooted.

Once loaded up again, I did need to enter the serial number again and re-register. My apps were gone, but then again I only had it for 3 days. So I didn't have that many installed. I had the backup, but choose not to restore.

So far, I am happy with the improved performance and plan on testing the mircorphone & skype later today.