Sylvania 7-inch Tablet no screen response


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Dec 26, 2010
From the "Quick Start Guide", that can be downloaded at "Digital Gadgets" site the developer, manufacturer and marketer of this Sylvania device, in the "Getting Started" section following the steps in item 3 will calibrate the screen.


1. Press the MENU button on the back of the product.
2. Tap Settings on the bottom menu.
3. Scroll down and tap Touch Screen Calibrate
4.Use the stylus to tap the middle of the displayed crosshairs to calibrate the touch screen. Note: After a system reset, it may be necessary to recalibrate your screen.

As noted in their guide, you can do a "system reset" by placing the tip of your stylus in the hole on the back marked "Reset".

Further information about a "Reset" can be found at the YouTube - dgsupprt's Channel The Brand Management & Marketing Communication consulting firm, Levin Consulting, has posted several "How To" videos.

Additionally, you can set the device back to factory defaults discovered by other members of this forum by following these steps:

Sprdtyf350 - Recovery

I just figured out to get into recovery mode on this thing. It is different than the other method posted. I think there are at least 2 sets of hardware used with these tablets.

Hold the tablet so you can:

Press on and hold the touchscreen, then press the power and menu buttons at the same time.

It then says if you want to recover press the required buttons. I pressed power, and menu again and it restored.

The other method found by Bigwooly goes like this:

"to restore to default rom (recovery mode)
with device off

push power turn on as normal

Once you see the infotmic logo press and hold power and menu

When you see white text On the screen release power and menu

You will see a message the says something along the lines of "to boot in recovery press the require keys"

Press power and menu again and it will reflash the most recent manufacturer update you downloaded."
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