Tab requires class 3 bluetooth


Nov 16, 2010
At least that's what T-Mobile tech support told me. I bought a motorola h17 when I bought the tab. It would stay connected for 2-3 minutes then disconnect. I do have a pair of bluetooth headphones (also motorola) that work and have a mic, but aren't particularly comfortable. Anyone have any luck using a bluetooth headset? Any idea what headsets are 'class 3'?

edit - a little research shows that t-mobile tech support probably has no idea what he's talking about. class 3 bluetooth only has a range of 3 feet and the tab has a much father range than that. He probably meant bluetooth 3.0. Still doesn't explain why my h17 won't work.
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Aug 6, 2010
The tech likely did not know what he was talking about. The critical obvious is the ability to do A2DP. If the unit does not have this capability, you will not have stereo capability no matter what. Class has no impact unless, you have a sub-class BT situation. sub-class as Signal to noise and distance exceed the source and sink capability.
If it is only connecting for two-three minutes and then drops connection. It sounds more like pairing/sleep configuration. Many units will go to sleep if the source does not maintain a heartbeat with the sink.
Bottom line, the cause is either a subpar transmitter from the source (Tablet). It usually is not the snk (H17 in your case). or the BT config for the snk (H17) sleep/heartbeat is set to stop after x-minutes if there is either no audio is transmitted from the Sink Microphone.

But it could be other things too. But those two scenarios solutions are both I have seen before.