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Nov 1, 2010

This is my first post so please let me know if I've missed anything. I was thinking of buying my kids an in-car DVD each as there xmas present but looking at the cost of some the tablets around thought that this could be a better solution as they'll be able to do other stuff on them as well. As there are so many options around I'm hoping if I list what I want the tablet to do, someone could offer some suggestions as to which model would be best, and maybe even a reputable supplier.

1) So as I mentioned it's for my kids so the main thing I'll need the tablet to do is be able to download cartoons/programs for them to watch in the car.

2) Connect to youtube around the house so they can watch stuff or do other internet related activities.

3) Download games from the market.

4) It would also be handy if they have a word processing program or the ability to download one so they can practice typing.

If they can do the above well then I'm not too bothered about them being able to update the version as the use will be fairly limited.

I'm based in the UK so would especially be interested in people who've actually had experience of ordering from the UK regarding shipping times and customs, but from anyone else with regards to feedback about the tablet.

Many thanks in advance for help.


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Aug 6, 2010
There are two major limitations for you.
1. Most tablets are not "kid-ready". The tablets are not sturdy in construction and if you do a bit of research will discover, some brands are fragile in regards to the buttons. The resistive touch on the lower priced tabs are also not very precise or sensitive.
2. The capability desired will require at least Android 2.1-Eclair. There are apps which can run some YouTube with Android 1.6 but is iffy on capability and quality. You can do many of the things you describe on the lower price tablets, but may need to transcode the vids using something like MediaCoder

That understood. Search the site. There are some who have had luck with and there are more and more local vendors in Britain. I would suggest avoiding any E-Bay dealers unless you have known and prior experience with them. You will have just a 20Km shipping delay for repair and replacement.



Oct 30, 2011
Please give me some reviews best tablet for my son and under $200...

Thanks before....


Jul 14, 2011
I bought a used nook color from craigslist that is rooted and running CM7. It is loaded with games for my son. I have the market set to require a pin as well.

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