Tablet with a stylus & touchscreen


Jun 9, 2011
I am after some advice regarding tablets. I am unfamiliar with the Android platform and am posting on behalf of a project at work so forgive me if I seem to have no idea.

We would like an Android tablet with a stylus (for the kind of work we do) and a touch screen option, ideally with USB port or SD card slot to upload photographs onto. Ideally we would like wifi and 3g (what is 4g?? I dont think it is available in the UK?). For the project we are working on we need to be as 'future proofed' as possible. We also want to be able to view photos, edit word and excel documents and browse the web. We also need to use it for augmented reality so need a rear-view camera. We want it to be sub-£400.

I can't get to grips with which tablet has a stylus - I thought the Samsung Galaxy range did but it seems not? Was looking at the Samsung 10.1 which has just been released but it seems not to have 3G and is wifi only?

Can any one help me with a suggestion for a tablet or answer my queries?
Thank you in advance
Iconia A501 (3g model)
only droid tab out there with a usb port (also has a micro sd slot)
reads fat32 drives only, once rooted & with the correct apps it will also read NTFS.
does basically everything you asked for/need

...and then just purchase a stylus off ebay/amazon :)
Yoshii, there are several tabs that have USB Ports, (ViewSonic G-Tab, etc).

As far as a stylus this is very dependent on what you need the stylus for. There are capacitive stylii, however these tend not to be as sensitive as people sometimes expect. this is due more to the capacitive screen as opposed to the older resistive screen and stylus.

3g and 4g refer to the type of digital cellular network capabilities. 4g is the newer, faster networks. I know that BT has started testing some 4g networks in Cornwall, but do not know when the rest of the UK will see the rollout.

just some thoughts to keep in mind.
yeah my bad, havent seen any of the others available locally (aust), then again i haven't gone out of my way to look for them either.