Tablet with HDMI output choice...


Junior Member
Jan 8, 2023
I currently use a Samsung Android phone and a BenQ projector to display .jpg images and run short MP4 clips.
The two connect wirelessly but the connection is unstable: images often break up momentarily and occasionally the
projector freezes.
An HDMI cabled connection might well be the answer but my current phone doesn't support HDMI output.
I'm wondering if an Android tablet with capability of outputting via an HDMI cable might solve the problem?
Other than being able to load hundreds of images onto the tablet and update them as and when required,
displaying them and playing the clips is all I'd need the tablet to do so I don't think I need anything fancy!
Any advice on a suitable model would be very welcome.
Incidentally, pardon my ignorance but I know nothing about Android tablets: how would I load the images on if I bought one?
Thanks in anticipation.