Taking "handwritten" notes that are searchable and integrated with Calendar


Jul 5, 2011
Hi all

I'm looking to buy an Android tablet to improve my productivity. I have lots of meetings with associated notes, which end up as just a mass of loose bits of paper, and documents, some of which I need to keep for later meetings and some of which I throw away after one meeting.

The idea is:

1. Hand-write notes using a stylus, to a decent quality, including or linked to images/PDFs/word docs and the like
2. Import/associate those notes with particular Calendar entries (synced with my work Outlook account), so if I need those notes I can just go to that Calendar entry
3. Be able to search those hand-written notes

Concerns about the quality of the notes aside, I'm under the impression that I can do this with the HTC Flyer: you can take notes with the stylus, add any relevant documents, save them to a meeting, and because they are integrated with Evernote you can use that to search them. Is this correct?

If not, should I just get any tablet and use an app like MobileNoter, Note Everything, Extensive Notes, or SnapCal? Could one of these do what I want? Any ideas in terms of a software-hardware combination that could work?

Thanks for any help!
Really the only tablet out there that has a stylus that really works is the HTC flyer. Its not the best tablet... Only runs gingerbread, but ithas a capacitive as well as resistive touchscreen, so it has a nice screen but works well with the pen. It comes with a note app just like the one you describe! It's too bad that other tablets dontwork as well with the stylus.

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I think the HTC actually uses some kind of digitizer layer which is why it works as well as it does. You have to use a specific pen as well, and they usually aren't cheap, so you would want to keep track of it.

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