Tethering and Blue Tooth


Dec 29, 2011
I want to tether my Vizio VTAB 1008 tablet to my Verizon Droid Incredible using PDAnet Tablet which is installed on both devices. I'm having trouble with the Bluetooth I think. Under Bluetooth settings > Bluetooth devices, each device has the others name with a remark "Paired but not connected". It seems everthing on the PDAnet side is working but I guess I don't have my phone and tablet connected via bluetooth.
Can anyone help?
Hi, I am having exactly the same problem with the same setup you have, except I have a verizon thunderbolt. Did you get your problem resolved? I am now trying to figure out how to usb tether the tablet. Anyone know how to do that? Thx

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There are only a very few devices that work with Android via USB. Keyboard, mouse, camera and mass storage devices. USB tethering would require a driver as a part of a custom ROM on a rooted device. Only very few have been enabled in my research, and it is mostly USB 3G modems.

Your best bet is WiFi or BT tethering. I can tether without PDAnet to my iPhone because I have tethering through my carrier. I pair them and then tap the spanner wrench and enable internet tick box.

One word of advice - before abandoning/uninstalling PDAnet, be sure to use AnyCut to remove the proxy settings. If you do not you will have issues connecting to google servers (Gmail, Talk, Market, etc.)