To plan or not to plan?


Aug 2, 2010
The Galaxy seems to be everything I want in a tablet.

It looks like these will be sold mostly with carriers. We don't know the plans and prices yet.

The question is will you pay for a plan? Personally I just don't see this as a winning strategy for this tablet. The reason I say this is in my limited view, this is to be a complimentary device and not the main device. I seriously thought about ipad with the 15 a month, but just couldn't pull the trigger mainly cause of apple lockdowns. I might be willing to pay full price for the Galaxy if I could get similiar data plan. However it looks like since this will have full phone function you will have to get some type of voice plan. Since I am on company BB I can't justify spending 50-100 a month for this as a "toy".

What are you guys and gals opinion?


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Aug 6, 2010
Here is the truthful reality, Buy now without a plan pay more now, but pay less in the long run. If you buy a Cell Phone for "free" you are actuallly paying as much as 1.5X for it. The same is true for Tablets with plans.
Ask yourself these three questions.
1. How much do you want to pay?
2. How long do you plan to keep or use your tablet?
3. What will you use your tablet in regards to connectivity?

The idea with a $99USD or $299USD plan with a two year plan of $50/month and you use it a total of 25 hours/month you are really paying about $1US/hour plus the remainder for paying for the Tablet so you may have paid $900 for the tablet with a 2 year plan and a $299 upfront cost

If you are like me, The technology of a phone or a tablet will be just over 1 year. So you have that tablet for another year unless you pay the Early Term Fee. Which makes money multiple ways for the provider

Finally, If you plan to use your tablet where there is NOT WLAN connectivity, a plan is definitely for you. If you, plan to connect it to a WiFi connection any time available, then you are not getting the maximum value from your 3G or even 4G

But this is just my opinion. Think in how you will use it, look at the plans, where you will use it, and then decide.

Best of Luck


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Jul 9, 2010
I typically like plans for a cellphone, but I really don't see myself needing 3G in my tablet and my phone if I could just find a way to tether the two together.

This makes any 3G capable tablet a very difficult choice for me. Samsung is targeting this for the high end, which is the right move.

If you don't have a 3G tether capable phone, getting a 3G tablet is a good alternative. Many people at my workplace have 2 cellphones - a Blackberry for work and a personal phone. This could very much work out to be similar in terms of how you might want to use it.


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Aug 4, 2010
My Nephew Mom yesterday had the Samsung Galaxy Touchscreen Cell phone version. It was quick and the screen had looked vivid. Basically she had everything app wise I had on my Gentouch78 but didn't know if MetroTV was free to use? Her screen blew out the Gentouch78 LCD panel though.

As for 3G would better off with 4G and 5G much faster. 1G, 2G were slower to move the data down/up.