Touch screen not working


Oct 17, 2010
I bought an apad 7'' model ly-706 (Chinese). After a week suddenly after connecting the transfer box the screen became unresponsive. I later rebooted, the display reaches to the home screen but remains unresponsive to touch. What could be the cause and whats the remedy?
I am having the same issue with a Haipad M7. It worked ok for just 1 week. Then, it was booting to a white screen. I opened it and I cracked the plastic screen protector in the process, but I managed to open the device. I found a loose connection and I plugged it properly. Now it is booting to my desktop and icons but the screen is unresponsive to touch. I am loking for a solution to this.
having same problem touch screen just stopped working rebooted a bunch of times and i will get a response once in a while but then nothing, if anyone finds out why let me know....
I bought a foreign-made MID and started having that same issue (unresponsive touchscreen) after about 3 months of regular use. My wireless keyboard/mouse will control it just fine but once they're unplugged all I can do with this thing is turn it on and off. Mine doesn't have a "reset" button like I've noticed alot of MIDs do so I give up on trying to solve the problem. All that being said I think that the final act of this worthless piece of junk will be to serve as a target during my next trip to the pistol range! It seems that's about all it will be able to do anymore. Guys, what happened is we wanted one of these new fancy touchscreen MIDs but didnt want to shell out mega-bucks for an IPad or a Galaxy Tab (which is understandable), or even a lower-cost version like the Coby Kyros or Velocity Micro Cruz. Unfortunately for us we gambled on the el-cheapo version...and lost. My advice to all of you is give up on these low-ball pieces of crap and buy a quality tablet/MID from a reputable manufacturer like I'm about to do.
Same here I won't buy these brand-less gadgets ever again ! what a waist of my time and money, bought a MID 10" Android 2.2 tablet for $200 and now all I can do is throw it away, can't reset the flash... tired of looking online for solutions and pretty upset to see that 1000's of people have made the same mistake and have contributed to millions of dollars to China's economy and got nothing in return... so DHGate and other chinese wholesale websites... count me out... I've learned my lesson