Unable to connect


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Jun 3, 2014
Just yesterday I was knocked off my internet Wi-Fi. I tried several times to connect. All I got was the word "connecting" and then nothing. When I return I get "Saved, secured with WEP". When I tap it I get "Signal strength excellent." When I tap the connect button it goes back to the "Secured" message. Eventually it asks me for my password. That's when I get the "connecting" message, but it never connects. When I hit the Wi-Fi Protected Setup button a blue line goes across the bottom of the field to show that it's loading. Then the message "WPS failed. Please try again in a few minutes".


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Dec 27, 2011
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Start off by pulling the power on your router for several minutes. When it has fully started back up, be patient, go to the connection on your tablet and long press that connection, tell it to forget the connection and try again from scratch.

Just an additional note that WEP and using the WPS method for connecting are not very secure if that's a concern. You would be much better off using WPA/WPA2. Your choice.