unable to scan for wireless networks


Jan 4, 2011
Well after spending a few days trying to exchange my sylvainia tablet with none being in stock within 100 miles of my home, and spending many hours trying to install the 2.02 firmware manually...I am not sure what the next step is..When I spoke with Sal at digital gadgets..He said that it must be a problem with my home network....haha...without the ability for the tablet to scan for networks how will I get the internet anywhere.. I am familar with the android os as I have a few rooted sprint hero cell phones..I guess there is no way to update my device to even try to fix the issue..did anyone save the OTA update that I can download to an SD card?? IF not I guess I am returning it, and going with the COBY model...its about the same price but does not seem to have the same features...And TOys r us return policy sux...Anyhow this is my last ditch effort for help...thanks again


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Dec 26, 2010
To update the wireless rt2870 device, I installed the rt2870.bin firmware that I downloaded from Ralink Web site. The version of the firmware for rt2870 on Ralink Web site is RT2870_Firmware_V22.

Put rt2870.bin in the same directory that initiate adb then use the following command.

adb push rt2870.bin /system/etc/firmware
adb reboot

Once device is back on go to Wi-Fi setting > Wi-Fi and uncheck then re-check and scanning returned.


Nov 24, 2010
yours doesn't have the recovery image on it i take it?

i have a .img of the "panic" partition or mount or what ever the heck it is i think it's where the recovery image is stored if anyone knows a way to push it back to the device

i actually have everything backed up but i have no clue what to do with any of it.