Unexpected ejection of SD Card


Jan 22, 2011
Unexpected ejection of SD Card

When I insert the SD card into its slot on my Android 2.0 tablet it self ejects after a couple of seconds. This ocurs whether it is on or off. Can anybody advise if there is a setting I can make to stop this? Because it aslo happens when the unit is switched off. I suspect that it is faulty.​
there is a choice in "settings -> sd card & device storage -> unmount sd card" but this sounds more like a mechanical issue with your tablet. just to make sure when pressing in the sd card do you hear the click sound when the card is properly seated
Thanks for your response but I can't really say if there is a click or not. After about a "thousand" attempts it appears to be staying in. Time will tell. I will keep you posted.
I had to use something pointy to push my micro SD in (big sausage fingers) but I did have to go WAY in there to get it to click in securely. You wouldn't want to have it pop out in the grass:eek: or anywhere else, with (up to 32 Gb) of stuff on it. :eek::mad: