USB or Car Charger?


May 4, 2011
Can the A500 charge through the mini-usb port? Or is there/will there be a mobile charger for the dock port? I think this is a real over sight that would make me a bit nervous taking the A500 on any long trips.

Other than a car charger I also have an external battery that accepts a usb cable to charge my iOS devices. This could also charge the A500 if there was a USB to dock port cable.

If anyone know of where to buy such a thing or whether it's planned for the future, I'd appreciate and info. Thanks!
I don't believe we can charge via USB.. kinda stuck with the cord it comes with at the moment. Hoping that changes, maybe when the dock comes out more options...
I just got my Acer Iconia Tablet. I've got it plugged into the micro USB via my PC. However, I don't think it is charging. It shows that there is a cigerette lighter/usb accessory. Will that charge? Should I hold my breath?
The charger is rated at 12 volts DC, 1500ma (or 1.5 amps), and the pin part of the connector is positive. A car charger shouldn't be a big deal as long as we can identify the type of plug the Iconia uses.

Radio Shack carries chargers that take different tips. I've been meaning to stop by my old store and see what works, so give me a day or two to stop by there and I'll report my findings when I can.
Thanks! I am going on a road trip in a week and would like to have it charging so that I can use it.