video calls on tablets?


Dec 20, 2010
hey folks, i just got a new haipad m701r, running andy 2.1 (though if anyone knows of a reliable 2.2 firmware with workign market, holla)

anyways, ive got a tablet and both my folks also have the same models, theyre goin overseas next week and im minding the house for them, but they would like to be able to video call me from their tablets to see how things are going (i guess they wanna be able to see that i havent turned their house into a crack den while theyre out) anyways ive tried skype, but no luck coz of the whole 3g thing, it keeps dialing a random number (i assume its trying to dial some kind of voip line or something which will connect me to the skype service... even though im already connected via wifi)

anyone know a way to get around this problem with skype, or is there another video chat app out there that strictly works via wifi only?


Staff member
Sep 24, 2010
There are several video chat apps, the issue is finding one that supports your current device. You may want to try either Qik or Fring to see if they work for you.