Viewsonic Tablet rumored to launch in Autumn with 7" screen, Android 2.2


Jul 23, 2010

And the tablet rumors keep flowing in. Next up, Viewsonic. Probably more famous for their LCD monitors and TVs, Viewsonic is planning to release an Android tablet in the near future, possibly within the next eight weeks. Expect to find it in the UK first, but we imagine it would hit the US shortly thereafter.

And the specs? Stuff.TV is reporting that the Viewsonic tablet will have a 7" display, Android 2.2, voice calls via GSM (AT&T/T-Mobile?), and a 3-5MP camera on the back. Pricing will be between £300-400 in the UK. This price point equates to $477-$635USD, which is rather steep. A 7" Tablet as expensive as the 10" iPad? I bet when it hits US shores, retail price will be lower, but I guess we'll wait and see. Expect to see this Viewsonic 7" tablet sometime in the Autumn. Note, the above photo is a mockup, and not necessarily how the tablet will look post-production.

Source: Stuff.TV