Viewsonic vs. S7


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Sep 24, 2010
I have spent a week with the Viewsonic, flashed to TnT 2.4 Lite, and am back with the Huawei.

Let's break things down for comparison:

Form Factor:
The 7" Hauwei is basically a large book, fits in one hand for reading, fits easily in a briefcase or wife's purse.

The Viewsonic at 10" is a little larger than an iPad, and I just haven't found a real need for the extra real estate. I still haven't come up with a compelling reason to pick it over my laptop at that size.

Winner: Huawei

Under the Hood:
Ok, let's be honest. No reason to go through the specs, processor, RAM, storage. Viewsonic SHOULD be the winner. Even though right now it is so crippled by OS limitations this is easy. Right? Except that the Huawei has GPS, wCDMA and GSM. Oops, there you go.

Winner: Hauwei

Viewsonic gTab has capacitive screen. Now, while that is supposed to be better, in this case it isn't. Bottom line is you just cannot skimp here. Dead patches, inconsistent performance and poor overall quality just make it more frustrating than anything.

The S7's resistive screen is hands down the best one out there, and I can sacrifice pinch and zoom.

Winner: Huawei

This is another one where it would seem obvious, but no. Yes, the Viewsonic has 2.2. Yes it has Flash. But again, it is doesnt provide enough bang for the buck.

Yes, I know it has 2.1. But it works. It has a full market. It has Skyfire when I need Flash. And it will eventually get updated OS. And you know what? If it doesn't, that is ok too.

Winner: Hauwei

Last item - Battery

Truly the only place I give it to the gTab. 8-10 hours on charge rocks, and is far better than the 3-4 hours the replaceable battery on the S7 gives. Oh, wait, did I say replaceable...?

Bottom line, there will always be faster better newer out there. Whatever you buy is obsolete by the time it comes home from the store, especially with a brand new technology like the tablet. But I am keeping the S7 and returning the gTab.

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