Vizio 8" Tablet Flashing V logo after Honeycomb update...

Mar 12, 2012
Today my Vizio 8" tablet updated to honeycomb. After a few hours of use the screen froze. I had to hold in the power button to turn it off. When I turned it on after a couple minutes, all I get is the flashing V logo. I removed the sd card and restarted it with the same results.

I'm new to this tablet but not to working with computers. I'm assuming the os is hosed. How to I restore the tablet? I've read through some forum posts and am not sure of some terminology like the term "root." This device is new - a couple weeks old - so I've not done anything to it except for the update today - which was automatic, not induced by me.

Thanks in advance!



Mar 17, 2012
Did the factory reset fix it for you? The update bricked my Vizio tabet as well :(

I had this problem but managed to fix it without a factory reset! I booted into safe mode (turn off, hold down down volume button, turn on, keep holding down down volume button while booting) then in settings I uninstalled the ADW.Launcher. It is working fine now.


May 6, 2012
My VTAB1008 was doing as described (flashing V logo at startup) and Safe Mode did not work for me, so I booted in Recovery Mode, getting the following:

reboot system now
apply update from /sdcard
apply update from /cache
wipe data/factory reset << THIS!!!
wipe cache partition

I did the factory reset which fixed the problem. Of course, all my data was lost in the process...

:eek: Good luck!!!

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