Want To Use Non-Smart Phone As Modem


Oct 9, 2013
I have a MemoPad 10 tablet (ME-102A-A1), that I take with me when I go camping. The places I go essentially never have WiFi (mostly 'cause I'm too poor/cheap to camp at places that do.) but in some of 'em I have a bar or two on my (non-smart) phone. It occurs to me that there might be a time when I would want to sent an email or check weather forecast or some such activity. Anybody know of an app (in Windows it would be a driver that I would DL from the phone's manufacturer website) to let me connect to & drive my phone as a modem? Phone is an LG VN-280. And "no" I do not want a smart phone for many reasons.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you might provide.


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2011
What you are trying to do simply won't work if you don't have a smart phone. Even people with smart phones have problems with what is called tethering.