Wav or High Quality MP3 Recording


Aug 16, 2010
Is there an app that can make use of the recording functions of the Apad? I have tried many sound recording apps, and the only one that works is Hertz, and it will only record at 8,000 samples. Which isn't really worth recording. The rest of the apps just wouldn't really work at all. This is the only function my wonderful Apad can't really do. I am running roger's 5.1 firmware on a 2nd batch Rockchip. Does the problem have something to do with android 1.5? The hardware is supposedly capable of recording MP3 or Wav. Anybody able to record with their Apad? I would sure like to know how. Thanks


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Aug 6, 2010
My question would be, what was your planned input. The microphone installed on the units I have looked and tested were not HQ level or even SQ level. If you are planning strictly using the built-in microphone, then the 8k quality would be adequate. If you are wanting to do web radio recording, then as far as I can tell, there is not an app that provides the quality you desire ....yet.

All it takes is a person to write the app. Give it time. The I/O and processing cycles of recording is fairly high for the low-end Units. I think the next units on the market will utilize some of the applications already available.