What Home Launcher do you guys use with your Archos 70 250GB?


Dec 27, 2010
Hey guys i'm currently using Launcher Pro with my Archo's 70, 250GB. What launcher are you guys using and why?


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Aug 6, 2010
There is definitely a use bias between the 101 vs 70 for Launchers. I have a friend who has a 70 chose Launcher Pro. I found I was happy with Zeam on my 101. He thought Zeam was horrible on his 70/8 because of the issue of rotation. So, I would agree you made the wise choice. It may be an issue of screen real estate. The 101 looks fine almost all the time in Landscape. Where, I think I would be changing between Landscape and portrait like I do on my A81-E.


Dec 27, 2010
Thanks for the info, perhaps I can try Zeam just to see how it is. Launcher Pro is definitely way smoother and faster then stock.


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Aug 5, 2010
I'm kinda partial to GO LauncherEX for a tablet... it's pretty neat plus it allows more screens, pretty much unlimited( i did 30 at one time just to see)... have LP on my DroidX though... plus the biggest factor.. it's FREE

other neat features app drawer sorting including making folders within the app drawer for organization...
folders on the home screens are similar to the ones on the new I-OS they're clear and give a micro image of the app icon
long press on the homescreen icons brings upa small managment pop out screen for replacing the icon deleting or uninstalling.....
there are a few themes in the market too that are ok.... you down load the theme and add it as a whole or part from a theme managment screen....

the only glitch i've found is... widgets that update... likeka clock or what not sometiemes will load in duplicate and overlay one another... beautiful widgets would have 2 clock widgets on it from time to time.. i'd just long click one and move it then delete the one that was out of sync with the current time... there may have been an update to fix that though...

And I'm not fond of the way you add app shortcuts from the app drawer.. you long click and drag them to the bottom of the screen then drop them on the screen from a home screens preview page. then if you want to move it or put it in a folder you have to go to the screen and move it again... :(

over all i don't like using another launcher on the A101 because i can't use the archos widgets on the home screens... keep getting "no more room" when i try to put the power control widget or the like on any screen even a completly blank one....


Dec 3, 2010
I've loved ADW ex with my 70. The only issue was bootup orientation. After I reboot my archos, I reboot adw launcher at it switches to portrait mode and stays there

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