What pad is good for me


Dec 12, 2010
Hi people

I'm new to the android system (Tablets also), since I already have an iPhone getting an iPad will be a bit ..... Less than smart >_>. So I want to get an android tablet, fortunately/unfortunately there seems to be tens of them around, it would really help if someone can help me pick one out.

What I need in it :
* I read about some tabs, some don't seem to be update-able and I don't wanna get stuck with the same OS for a long time
* I am in middle east so Arabic is a must, lot of emails to send and receive
* USB ports and flash please T_T.

What would be nice to have in it :
* I really like the iPad ploygonal edges, but if no then it's okay
* not too small, RIM's "black pad" is way too small