What Tablet is this?

Oct 11, 2010


Jun 19, 2010
The 8" tablet has some really nice specs. Especially 512MB RAM and Flash 10.1 support. The price is a little high but I think it is worth it.
Oct 11, 2010
It looks a little like an Eken, but it also looks a lot like the OnTop 8" tablet that was previewed here 8 inch Android tablet unveiled by OnTop | Eee PC - Blog

But it also looks like one I came across this morning when I was surfing around. Now If I could only remember where I saw that tablet. I like the specs!

But OnTop is using Rockchip and this one is using FreeScale. I like it too and I think I will buy this. Just that the one sold at Euogo.com has no hardware for the SD card, which means you cannot use SD Card/Micro SD etc. That's something that turns me off a bit.

*************** also seems to be selling this. But I read that NowSupplier is not a reputable seller. Can someone confirms this? I like to buy from them.

JTShop said that they will be getting this Pre-Order in a few days time too.
Sep 16, 2010
I like the specs too but i am skeptic though. The last one i bought from Eugo.com the Haipad G10 is supposed to have 256MB RAM, but instead i got 128MB. It claims 2GB NAND flash and i got 1.3GB. Processor is ARMV6 - compatible one as claimed and hardware is Telechips TCC89. So i would not be crazy about buying this from eugo.com unless somebody can vouch that they got wat they claimed to be sold atleast !!

I ordered from this link: http://www.euogo.com/new-g10-haipad...i-touch-screen-accelerometer-camera_p384.html