Whats the best tablet for the money


Jan 21, 2011
What tablets are under 200$ and a good devices?

I have done a good deal of research on tons of different tables but I would like to hear from real owners on what they have and what they like.

and if you could give the site where you got it from so I can do ever more research
just a word of warning before answers come in...you are asking an extremely subjective question and are probably going to get a ton of responses. Please keep in mind you get what you pay for, if it has every bell and whistle and tech feature available for under $200, there WILL be trade-offs somewhere.

That all being said...the only one I would buy under $200, the WiFi Nook.
Hello if you can handle 299.00 ( 6 payments of 49.95) no credit required ! no interest, go to Shopnbc.com and check out the Elocity A7.
It is night and day more advanced than A8 Cortex 800mgh unit you find all over the internet, You deal with a American Company in Philadelphia, not some guy in China who won't help you. There website show their A7 Unit in detail, Elocitynow.com
Super fast, lots of memory, 1080 Hdmi out put, USB, Sd slot, earphones , microphone, dual speaker, widescreen for games and movies too.
I sent back my Shenzen, China A8 Cortex knockoff and bought this one! It's grreat!!! Alan
Locally, Coby Kyros for 150

Shanzhai, Wits A81 resistive around 200, any Telechips less than 150, Freescale A8 if you have soldering skills around 180. Gps capable Flytouch 2. Capacitive RK2818 Wopad. Not really good in particular

You are limited at 200 bucks
For under $180 you can get the ubiquitous A8 Freescale iMX515, 8 inch.
With some minor tweaking you can have Flash 10.1, Android Market and some decent performance.
Downside, a very unruly resistive screen.
Overall, a good experience.
The buggy resistive touchscreen (hardware fix is available, if you can solder a ceramic cap to the expansion PCB) and it is a little fragile.

At $300, you might as well refer to my shopping guide... But your options have already been mentioned.
I suppose there is that.. though I've been wondering.. are there any tablets out there that have docks available for them like the Droid phones?
I have a Coby Kyros takes forever to find and connect to a wireless network, keyboard occasionally stops working for no apparent reason, and browser zooms in and out randomly. This is after all the updates, rooting, android market/experience install. Then I got a SuperPad/WowPad/FlyTouch 2. Much better performance, came with Market and autoupdates. After reading the problems associated with it I have decided not to update it, never drop it, and very carefully plug the power plug in, unplug it when charged and not use it while charging. Unbelievable really. Another $150 after buying these two would have bought an iPad like I bought my wife for Christmas. It just works, well and immediately.
I have 3 Coby Kyros for our kids.... they "work" for the kids, but are pretty buggy and sluggish. I have rooted, updated, and applied every tweak possible at this point. They have full market, etc. But they are slow and buggy still. For my personal use, they are a mere shadow of how my Droid X operates. Only 2.1 operating system, which for me doesn't cut the mustard. Picked them up for 149 each, so they have actually been a good buy relative to other gifts we have bought our kids. They love them. Of course I spent DAYS getting them set up right in the end. I love challenges, but in the end the hours I spent getting these units to run very well at all I could have earned the extra $ and bought a higher end unit (Archos 70) that works better. But that's water under the bridge and my own personal little story on low end tabs.

My suggestion is to up your price limit. At this time, from everything I've used personally (in stores like Best Buy, etc), I think the BEST BUY on an android tab is the Samsung. I have side by side compared this to the iPad, and really they perform almost the same speed wise. I like a bigger screen (why I have a droid X in the first place), but I think for overall tab use, 7" is really nice. Great for a kindle reader whereas 10" gets kinda large for that kind of stuff. I was pretty impressed with how it seemed to move through apps and screens. Since I loathe apple, I would never consider the iPad. Personally, I would wait things out a bit, be prepared to spend up to $500 for a honeycomb tegra 2 tab. Personally, the screen quality means a LOT to me, so that kinda crosses the Viewsonic off my list. When I buy a tab, it will have a great capacitive screen, tegra 2, honeycomb, dual cameras, etc. That means top of the line and more $ but after my experience with the lower end Coby's I'd rather pay a bit more for a unit that doesn't feel like a bastardized knockoff. Just my 2 cents. Or maybe 2000 cents with the long paragraphs lol.
The buggy resistive touchscreen (hardware fix is available, if you can solder a ceramic cap to the expansion PCB) and it is a little fragile.

At $300, you might as well refer to my shopping guide... But your options have already been mentioned.

I'm afraid to pry the tablet open because there are no screws. I agree, it seems fragile there.
I have the Elocity A7...bought for $299.00 at Shop NBC about 3 weeks ago. They have flex pay - spread out over 6 months. I figured if I didn't like it, I would send back. Specs are good - comparable to Samsung Galaxy. Never heard of the Elocity manufacturer. So far - so good. Note that this tablet doesn't come with the Google apps, but you can update it so that it does. (Several thread posts tell you how). For a 1 ghz tablet with 4 gb internal that is upgradeable to 32 gb internal extra storage via micros sd, you can't beat it for $299.00. Several others are selling for the same price, Amazon, etc. Good luck in your search.
hi, i can tell you the 8 inch Freescale is not very good its very slow and in many forums i read so many bad ranks about it , if you ask me i prefer the new android Tablet with samsung cpu and Android 2.2 it have mutitouch and is very fast 1ghz Cpu i bought one frome elektric-junkys.com theyre wholesaling direcly frome china and have good service and the cheapest price as i check and i check a lot . This moth they told me the Flytouch 3 comes out also called superpad 2 gps 10inch and also 2.2, also the 9,7 inch freescale with resistive touch and 3g inside must come now after they end the chinese new year they told .. regards i check many forums everyday at moment im looking for a solution for my zt-180 2.2 the pictures are not very colorful and the Flash can not wor did anyone have the newes update flash for the tz-180 2 ?
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