Where to buy in the UK? Please help!


Jan 31, 2011
Hi guys,

So basically I ordered my nook colour from here two weeks ago:

PurelyGadgets: NOOK Color

I ordered it when it said 22 in stock, as soon as it was processed it went down to 21, excellent i thought, it said it would be with me in 2-5 days.

It didn't come within a week, so I called them, they said that it was in processing still and then i received the following email:

'Greetings from PurelyGadgets!Further to your call earlier today, I am sorry to see that we have kept you waiting. I have checked with the relevant departments and can confirm that the delay was due to a large number of orders that came through our system which has led to delays in processing and is now translation into delays in dispatching orders. It is also worth to mention that the item you have ordered, the NOOK Color is one of our popular orders hence we have a long order list for the same product.
I can however confirm that stock is not an issue. We have healthy stock as our marketing and purchasing department is well prepared and have anticipated the surge in sales for this product particularly. We understand that the delay is no fault of yours and we seek your understanding in this matter. In light of the delay, our management has approved the upgrade the delivery service of your order to a next day delivery at no extra cost to you.
Under the current conditions, dispatch of your order is expected within the next week. Upon dispatch, you will be notified by email and will be provided the tracking information of your parcel.
If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to send me an email.
Thank you.

Abbey Wilson
Customer Service Executive'

It is now a week later.....still nothing. I just called and the advisor told me that it may now be next week! I can't believe what a joke they are, the stock is now 16 so a few people are in my position as well now! They claimed it was still 'processing in their warehouse', I cancelled my order immediately and would recommend that no one ever deals with this site.

So after that rant....where can i get a Nook Colour in the UK?? help! lol

I think I'd trust Ebay with this sort of thing even less than that site :(

I see your worries but ebay is way safer now. Use a paypal account and READ THE DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY!! As long as you are 100% sure of what your getting its fine. I've bought lots of electronics from ebay and got exactly what I bought. If you get jipped you can report them and get a full refund.
I could buy it for you here at the local B& N orBest Buy and send it to you. I see you live in london... have a good friend there, you could give the money to her. Let me know