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Aug 15, 2010
I went to the noobie section but did not see a sticky or general info post. I'm looking for info on exactly what these devices can and can not do. I'm interested in a low end (cheap) device for email, surf the web, watch movies n plane, good batt life, etc.

Is there a model that has demonstarated itself as the best of the worst so to speak?

Whats the cheapest device that will provide what I'm looking for with a good degree of reliability and quality build etc.

Whats the advantage of the droid tab over a cheap netbook?

Thanks in advance


Dec 21, 2010
A tab have a more portable form factor, especially those of the 7"; easier to hold in your hand, handy to put away in your purse or coat pocket to carry around and be in touch with cyber world. They are great eReader, adequate for email & web surfing; and there are tons of free apps to try and play with, and some of those can do small wonders, for example: the "Bubble" app is a good level tool for hanging pictures or level your dining table, if it fails, you can always use the tab to do the same thing ;-); and there is the "gString", it helps to tune any musical instrument. etc.etc.

One thing should always to keep in mind-price and performance; don't expect a great video play with a machine that's barely be able to do the job. You get what you paid for.

After all, why wait when there is a wonderful world of Android computing for you to explore!


Staff member
Sep 24, 2010
No offense, you didn't look very hard. Read the first sticky thread in the Q&A section on android FAQ.


Aug 15, 2010
No offense, but I did. There was no info regarding what product to stay awat from, maybe those which are especially good for the $$$

I'd like to hear what folks think would be the best tablet for say the $100 price point as well as the ones to stay away from in this price point. Those are the types of questions most newbies and those trying to figure out where to get started.



Dec 16, 2010
Yes the 7" is more portable than others, and if you are on a tight budget, then, i'd suggest you to have a look at our 7" tablet pc with android 2.1 OS and multi-touch screen: Android 2.1 Tablet PC with Multi Touch Screen and HDMI Interface Output
and it's said that this device can be update to android 2.2,(Not confirmed yet, but we'll connect with our engineer asap, and i'll give you the latest news about this a few hours later.) So, it's really a reasonable one. hope you'll like it!