Which Android is for me?


Jun 25, 2010
I will give my expectation and desires and let the experts here direct me unto the proper path and piece of equipment.

I would like pinch zoom. I've grown accustomed to it.
Battery life would be nice but it's not exactly a deal breaker.
Upgradable OS is a must unless it comes with 2.0+
Ebook option would be nice, especially if I can load my own .PDF files onto it to be read.
10+ GB of space is a must. If that's due to expandable memory I don't mind.
Operating system must be Android.

Android 2.0+
Decent Battery
Ebook w/PDF
10+ GB storage (slotted ok)
Pinch zoom.

I am ok getting an "affordable" tablet at $100-200 or perhaps getting a more expensive version. The more it costs the longer I wait. I've waited enough.

Please advise, thank you!
Any extra info you can provide would be great, and I will wait a week or so and take advice into account if multiple people provide opinions.


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Jun 30, 2010
There are several tablets that run android 2.x and most of them have availability to extend to 16 gig of external memory and the majority of the tablets can read both pdf's and different formats of ebooks, some might need apps to be downloaded to do so though. Now pinch to zoom is the tricky part there are some that will do it but if your willing to wait i recommend waiting because there are going to be some nice tablets coming out soon. And what do you consider decent battery life?