Zenithink ZT180 (Flatpad, WiiPad Neno, Ensopad 4) 10.2" Android 2.1 Tablet

I just bought an unbranded ZT-180 (same thing as Orphan M16, Wiipad, Flatpad all made by Zenithink) from Alibaba.com Wholesale Platform - Get wholesale products from China wholesalers!. I'll post a review once I get it. I got it for $205 shipped. I should've bought it when one seller was offering free shipping. I could've gotten it for $187 shipped. O well. I chose FedEx so hopefully it'll get here soon.

I've got orders with with Alibaba in China non- such it's already on the way to Panama shipping EMS continues something longer from shipping free
ten" A8 256 2GB androit 2.1 ( 2,2 ) uni- good tablet 220$
plus five SDHC 32GB class 4 for 84$ shipping free EMS
if the tablet my place is I am writing such as it's, I'm very
Thank you
I too just purchased the Zenithink from Merimobiles, after looking at both tablets. I cannot wait for it to get here. FYI...I got a call from my credit card company wanting to make sure this was not a fraudulent charge because it was billed from a company in Canada.

Did you get your tablet yet?
I have had one for about a week now, it has a ZT-180 chip inside, which is a rebranded something else ( an Arm v6- Arm 11 I think ). Compared to me M003 its really great. The screen is good and fairly sensitive, its quite fast, it looks and feels good. It can be a bit quirky with some settings, mines only playing in mono at the moment, and the Wi-fi needs to be set to WPA/WPA2 to work.
There is a software / system upgrade on the way, in approx one month.
People I have shown it to, including one of my sons who is in IT and an Ipad, have all given it top marks.
I do not recommend this as an Android tablet right now. The implementation is premature, and there are way too many bugs in the software.

Until Zenithink releases better firmware, do yourself a favor and avoid this for now unless you are very tech savvy and enjoy tweaking a piece of hardware that evidently does not work well.
Has anybody cracked open the zenithink pads to see if the processor is the true ZT-180 1 ghz. I was going to purchase this as a pad but have been having second thoughts with all the questions on what they are putting in pads. I am looking for an adroid alternative but close specs as ipad with 256mb and 1 ghz. Not these 128 and 500 mhz that I see everywhere.
Just received my 10.2 WiiPad..frankly VERY impressed. Quick and rather intuitive (not enough but learning curve proceeding). Lack of access to android market a problem. I can't seem to find an installable ereader app...or maybe don't understand how to do it. Presume this is soluble and e-mail, web browsing etc is extraordinary.
i all so got my tz180 from digibites it came with loads of apps on and the latest firmware delivey was not that fast but when it arrived i could not be more pleased plus the guy will help with problems even if you cause them (like i did ) so if any one fancy's one he is well up on the zenithink tz180
I have just posted the following in the 'Great places to buy tablets' thread, I thought it should be here.

I am from the UK, so I don't know how helpful it will be to you guys, but I purchased my Zenithink TZ-180 from a UK dealer on eBay:- DigiBites items - Get great deals on items on eBay.co.uk Shops!.
I didn't fancy dealing with a supplier in a backroom in China, and wanted to have some reasonable chance of direct contact and support. He has three of his own videos on his site, and that swung it for me.

This guy is amazing. He was really friendly and helpful, and seems totally honest and straight forward. he promises after sales support. He updated the firmware to 0809 before sending it to me, and he sent me 0818 firmware update details, and copies of installed apps before I even received the tablet.
He is in the process of building a web site, so updates etc, will be downloadable from there in future.
All in all, a pleasant and stress free transaction, and a stable (he checks them before delivery) machine, which I am quite happy with.

Today very exciting to test the epad.With the first sight I found that the 10.2" really so big,I can't play it with one hand but the CPU speed really very fast.
When I open the WiFi and connected with so quickly and browse the website is also very fast.There have a USB 2.0 port at right, you can insert your USB flash memory and listening the music(if your flash memory with the music files) The speaker is very good.
Somebody said that the LED display is more big and the operation speed is more slowly.
But I not agree that because I use this 10.2" tablet PC with so fast even more faster than the Gpad G11 which I had played.
The G-sensor is good and it's can feedback within 2 seconds,because with the 10.2" display so browse the website very comfortable.
But be honest say it's really very big for so I'm not like it very much and the CPU emit so much heat,I turn on about 1 hour and the back shell is nearly burn my hand :pI think it's a good warmer in the winter ! If you like it you can browse this website see the specific,seems their give the discount now !:cool:
10.2-Inch Notebook Tablet PC, MID, UMPC, with 1GHz CPU, 256MB Memory - Android 2.1 10.2-Inch Notebook Tablet PC, MID, UMPC, with 1GHz CPU, 256MB Memory - Android 2.1 [sku2212] - US$174.85 : CES-shopping
What is this "TXPower hack" on zt-180 that I have been found in different forum but no link or explanation how to do it?