Zethink ZT-180 Discussion and Question "MARKET"


Dec 8, 2010
I got the ZT-180 E pad for christmas yesterday. After the 1030 update its up and running flawlessly. The only issue that im having is in the market. The market installed perfect the very first time. Unlike my Android Phone , when i search for a certian topic it wont show me all of the results. Example i search for "BOOKS". It says 2432 results for books. But below that it will only show me 10 of them with no option to view the rest. It wasent doing this when i first set it up yesterday morning. It just started doing it. Im wondering if there is a setting on the phone or in the market that i might have fooled with unknowingly?? Please help me out. Its not a Major deal but its driving me up the freakin wall. My Android phone has never done this. W E I R D ! ! ! Over all the Epad is a great alternative to the $700 Ipad.
have you tried scrolling the screen down. i have rom 1020 and i can move the screen up and down