After-Work Flytouch 2 USB Flash

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    Hi, First of all, Thank you for reviewing the topic.
    Translation for English do not know, I did this one hundred words and spelling mistakes could be.

    Download USB Flash With This Site No such thing as it did. From there, I did the installation with double-headed USB cable. Installation Complete. After that, I tried to install the USB Burner with Windows-CE. OTG Cable Out Please remove JUST the cord as she Alerts output, I was hungry again. Unopened vibrating during opening. We dismantled a battery-In Desk Chassis Done Yet Latest Unopened. If you help me rejoice. Try to understand I do not know English.

    Tablet Brand Model: Superpad Flytouch 2
    Operating System: Android 2.1
    Processor: 1Ghz Processor İnfotmic
    Memory: 256Mb DDRII Ram

    and such other properties, that is enough

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