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    Ramos W13pro Review - 8-inch dual-core bomber
    Ramos W13pro features an 8-inch 1024-by-768 resolution multi-touch capacitive touch screen, G+G tempering glass design, AML8726-MX dual core processor, 1.5GHz dual core Cortex-A9 CPU, built-in Mali-400 dual-core graphics processor, 1GB DDR3 internal memory and 16GB large-capacity storage.

    G+G tempering glass and patent finishing design

    Ramos always focuses on artistic and fashionable appearance design. Ramos W13pro has similar design with previous series of Ramos W13.
    Ramos W13pro adopts the remarkable integrated design and rides with an 8-inch 1024-by-768 resolution multi-touch screen. The display features G+G (Glass+Glass) double-layer tempering glass design. The basal light transmittance of G+G glass can reach above 90%, and the temperature tolerance is between 125℃-150℃. Meanwhile, the screen is more wearproof, more sensitive and has longer working life than normal material.

    Ramos W13pro features a front-facing camera which supports VGA and allows you to take self-portrait and video chatting.

    Ramos W13pro features many useful ports and connectors, like Mic, Micro USB, HDMI ports, DC-5V connector, TF extended slot.

    The power, volume up and down buttons is on the left side of this tablet. Ramos W13 pro adopts Android 4.0.3 OS and by pressing power button and volume – together for 2 to 3 seconds the screenshot function is easily launched.

    The backside of patent finishing design adopts patent finishing design which can bring you more comfortable and more durable experience.

    Ramos W13pro equips a 2m-pixel camera and a pair of speakers on the back side and the speakers brings remarkable experience while listening to the music.

    $w13pro 1.jpg

    8-inch Android 4.0.3 OS

    Ramos W13pro rides with an AML8726-MX dual core processor, dual core Cortex-A9 processor and Mali-400 dual core graphics processor and features 1GB DDR3 large-capacity high-speed internal memory. With excellent hardware configurations and Android 4.0.3 OS, Ramos W13pro gives satisfactory performance in UI interface design and system operating.

    Ramos W13pro runs smoothly in system operating, gaming, online video chatting, webpage loading, photo browsing, audio playing and e-book reading. Ramos W13pro features dual core Cortex-A9 CPU up to 1.5GHz and Mali-400 graphics processor up to 400MHz. Besides, this Ramos tablet has the ability of decoding for online flash decoding.

    This Ramos tablet adopts 3.0.8+ Android 4.0.3 OS and supports virtual buttons operation. W13pro delivers a fluid operation while swiping the home screens.

    W13pro adopts dual-core Cortex-A9 processor, 512KB second level cache and 1GB DDR3 large-capacity high-speed internal memory. All these features brings outstanding performance and allows you to switch between multiple screens and play games, watch online video clips and browse the web pages at the same time.

    W13 pro is capable of running millions of applications and games. All the installed apps can be found in the application program interface. There are also lots of pre-installed apps and games on Ramos tablets.

    You can see the mail, calendar, clock, and other widgets in the Widgets interface. Also, you can merge multiple apps into a folder and rename it.

    In the Settings, Ramos W13 pro adds a new feature of CPU modes, including normal, high performance and auto mode. The normal mode can meet the general demand. The high performance mode is qualified for multiple tasks of high load. The auto mode can achieve intelligent control according to the specific circumstances.

    As we can see in the photo, w13pro has excellent screen effect, bright colors and rich layers.

    Built-in Gallery supports editing photos, light-dimming, toning and rich filters.
    With the dual core processor and GPU accelerating technology, Ramos W13pro has a quick access to web pages and can display the whole horizontal page. It also supports Flash and HTML5 and runs smoothly while playing online flash videos and html web pages.

    It also supports e-book reader feature. The real flipping effect brings perfect reading experience.

    What’s more, it has 8-inch 1024-by-768 resolution screen and PPI is up to 160 which displays sharper text details and delivers reading experience naturally and comfortably.

    $w13pro 2.jpg

    Performance test

    The total score of this tablet via Antutu is 6229, RAM is 1154, CPU is 1844, CPU float point is 1409, 2D performance is 125, 3D is 881, database IO is 530, SD writing speed is 89, SD reading speed is 197, CPU is 1320MHz.

    The Quadrant Adcanced score is 3218. CPU: 6011; Mem: 2970; I/O: 5322; 2D: 207; 3D: 1582.

    The Smartbench 2012 score:
    Productivity Index: 2595; Gaming Index: 1602.

    This score ranks only second to Asus Transformer Prime which rides quad-core Tegra 3 processor.

    NenaMark2 is testing software for graphics performance based on OpenGL ES 2.0 technology. Ramos W13pro has a secondary performance scoring 19.7FPS.

    Although the tablet we got is a engineering prototype machine, it has got excellent performance. We believe that the upcoming official version will bring us more surprises.

    $w13pro 3.jpg

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