Got problem with my tablet! HELP!

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by bluiska, Aug 17, 2012.

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    Navon Platinum 7" 4GB
    I don't know if i'm in the right place but please help me out!

    I'm writing because I have a problem with skype.

    So, first of all I have a Navon Platinum 7" 4GB tablet which has Android 4.0 on it.
    I installed Skype and tried to make a call.
    It was all doing good I was able to make a call however I didn't hear anything of the talking of my friend. He could hear me but I couldn't hear him.
    I tried everything I could:
    -Turn volume to max in settings and on the volume buttons
    -Turn volume to max in Skype
    -I even tried to download ooVoo and that did not work too (same problems)
    -My friend turned everything to max. (mic, speakers...)
    -Tried it with earphones too.

    The video was good.
    My friend was able to hear me but my problem is that I could not hear him (or anyone else)

    Please I need help with this. What should I do? I need Skype!
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    Better question What don't I own, Oh a generic APAD
    If he can hear you but you cannot hear him, it indicates one of three things. Without more detail, it will be hard to diagnose.
    1. The tablet you have is incompatible with Skype. There are some tablets which simply do not work with SKYPE. I do not recognize your tablet and cannot give you joy on that potential cause
    2. There is some configuration within Skype that is not correct for audio. It is obvious you are successful in connection if he can hear you. I would suggest you search SKYPE support forums for similar questions and answers
    3. There is something which is incorrectly configured on your audio. Have you tried playing other playback streaming media, Does Youtube,TunedIn, Spotify all work OK? If so, then this cause may be less likely, but still possible. If you have playback on other streams, this indicates something going on the device's audio.

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