HELP: compiling a list of Viewsonic product updates

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    (Sorry about the wall of text.)


    Some of you might know me from my Facebook campaign to gather together gTablet owners. Recently Viewsonic has deleted the 500+ post Facebook forum they had originally open to address gTablet owners complaints as well as all the negative comments we left on their Facebook page. Some of us got banned from LIKE(ing) their Facebook page. Finally, they archived the gTablet page from their official website.

    After 12 months and 2 updates, one of which was only available for 24 hours, Viewsonic officially closed the door on supporting the gTablet. However, this does not mark the end of our campaign to make Viewsonic responsible for supporting their product once they took our money.

    As part of the original campaign I had gather information and communication of Viewsonic with its customer, lets they delete the incriminating evidence, which they did in the end.

    Now I need your help to compile a similar list of dates and updates for your Viewsonic device. You can find the rough draft I have done for the gTablet here. While I would like to gather as much details as possible, we just need a few bit of information to get started.

    Device name,
    (approximiate) date of update
    version number.

    With your assistant I hope we can help keep this corporation honest, or at least warn other buyers to stay away from Viewsonic.

    Finally, you are invited to join the Boycott Viewsonic Facebook page and Share it with everyone you know.

    Thank you for your time. :)

    P.S. This campaign begin with Viewsonic tablets because they are the obvious devices we expect to get continuous support and updates. I am interested in hearing from anyone who has had experience with any Viewsonic products.

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