Honeycomb to be skipped for Icecream?

Discussion in 'Vizio Tablets' started by sdspieg, Sep 11, 2011.

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    Vizio tablet
    Here's the relevant part of my conversation with a Vizio rep...

    [​IMG] : finally - what's the wording on honeycomb?
    [​IMG] : (i.e. what are you supposed to tell customers about this :) )
    [​IMG] : Gingerbread is going to be the software for the tablet for now because we are trying to figure if the tablet will work okay using honeycomb or if we may end up waiting for the newer software to launch but at this time we are only using gingerbread until we can figure out what best works.
    [​IMG] : newer software - you mean 4.0?
    [​IMG] : icecream?
    [​IMG] : That is correct but I do not have any information on what they plan to do at this time.
    [​IMG] : ok - thanks
    [​IMG] : You are welcome! Is there anything else that I can assist you with today?
    [​IMG] : no thanks - bye
    [​IMG] : Thank you for contacting VIZIO Chat Support! If you need our assistance again in the future you can contact us by Chat, Email, and Phone service. That information is found on America's #1 LCD HDTV Company | VIZIO. Have a great day!
    [​IMG] has disconnected.
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    Interesting to say the least. Anyone know what the min hardware specs for 4.0 are or will be? Most stuff I have heard or read say dual-core for Honeycomb, which gives me serious doubts that the vtab can run 3.x or even if Google will approve the vtab for 3.x. Hopefully, 4.x or anything higher than gingerbread is in the near future for our vtabs.

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    I had read somewhere, one of the phone forums, that ICS was going to work on older devices like my OG Droid. Hope that is true, I love that phone and want to run it till it burns up, then I will use my spare one..

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