I void warranties

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    My wife just gave me a T shirt with the phrase "I void warranties" for my birthday. It's appropriate.

    I purchased an IMX 515 8" tablet (purchased from DinoDirect) in January. We had it for a few weeks before I took it apart.

    It had an intermittent power switch and It suffered from the screen shakes. The power switch had not been assembled properly. One of the screws that attached the board in place was loose and floating around inside the tablet. Unfortunately my fat-fingers broke the tab off the power switch as I was moving it back into place, but luckily I had a suitable replacement.

    I've tried several approaches to fix the screen shake issue. I tried attaching a sheet of conductive plastic from an antistatic bag as a shield between the touchscreen and the LCD, but that didn't work very well. Grounding the LCD seems to have helped, but adding a pair of 0.01uF capacitors across the touchscreen signal lines (aka "Russian Mod 2") worked best.

    Flush with my success with the screen, I next updated the internal SD card from 4Gb to 8Gb. I will post instructions. You need partitionmanager or gparted on Liinux to match the way I did it. Theoretically this should work for 16 or 32Gb cards as well.

    Finally I updated the frmware using the XAUMOD files. This worked but resulted in a sluggish, slow tablet. I have been looking to see what features I could remove (I don't have 3G or GPS or Bluetooth or a Camera...) to speed things up.

    The next day the pad wouldn't connect wirelessly, and the touchscreen was being particularly difficult. I took it apart again, and found a long crack across the touchscreen. I don't know if I did that while disassembling it, or if it occurred earlier, but my new project is finding a touchscreen.

    Really, I very much like the size, weight and screen size of this tablet. My wire has a Viewsonic G tablet with a Vegan ROM (which I am forbidden to disassemble) and, while the image size and capacitive screen are clearly superior, the APad 8" is a very convenient unit. I hope I can repair it and then tweak it to work the way it should have out-of-the-box.

    Oh yeah, I'm a SW engineer at a storage company. Did I mention that I void warranties?

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