questions about: keyboard weirdness, reverting to stock kernel (CM7 on EMMC)

Discussion in 'Nook Color Technical' started by ericmj1, Jun 21, 2011.

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    After playing with CM7 on a uSD card for a few days, I installed it to emmc. I followed the instructions in this post ([GUIDE] Install CM7, OC kernel + Clockworkmod to EMMC - ALL NOOKS! (Updated:6/19/11) - xda-developers), and used CM7 nightly 102 and the dalingrin June 18 OC kernel.

    Everything seemed to go okay, though I had an instance of having to force close the market when I first tried to use it, and a few things are acting really weird. The screen seems to be really touchy, and when I use the onscreen keyboard (holding the NC vertically) I get random characters along with the ones that I type.

    Apps don't also install properly at times, in fact Facebook still says it's installing if I open the market, even though the app is installed and runs.

    I've rebooted a couple of times, and that cleared things up for a bit, but then some weirdness returned, the keyboard issues especially.

    Other than now running off emmc instead of the uSD card, the other differences are:
    using a newer version of CM7 (nightly 102 vs. 7.03)
    using the dalingrin June 18 OC kernel vs. stock CM7

    I'm thinking if this behavior persists, that I will either go back to the stock kernel, or back to CM7 7.03, or both. If I want to simply change the kernel, is it a matter of booting from my CWR uSD card, wipe data/factory reset, then re-flash the ROM only (either 7.03 or nightly 120)? Or if I want to stay on CM7 nightly 120, how do I get rid of just the dalingrin OC kernel?

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    Hi Eric,

    If you installed to eMMC, you can upgrade/downgrade to a new/old ROM via ROM manager. Once you do say, update to a new CM7 nightly, the OC kernel is removed and has to be flashed again (through ROM manager as well).

    When flashing a new nightly, you also have the option to wipe only Dalvik Cache or including system.

    Hope this helps.

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