Vi40 tablet issues... I think

Discussion in 'Onda Tablet Forum' started by lextar, Jul 21, 2012.

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    Jul 21, 2012
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    This is the first tablet I got Onda Vi40 so I have no comparison.
    Android 4.0.3. Kernal 3.0.8+

    I got it from Amzon as new, but out of the box, there is a screen protector already on it that looks well worn and the corner bent. It came with a bew screen protector, but does not have the hole cut for the keys compared to the one already on. Does it sound like this is new?

    Also there were a few random photos including a folder full of the same guy. I presume these are example photos?

    Anyway... other than the systems setting - display issue - Unfortunately, Settings has stopped... my other issues...

    When I use apps, the system seems to hang and keep occasionally get a pop up saying app is not responding with option; wait, stop or report. Waiting often works. Is this usual? Happens most often when I launch an app.

    I used an app that made multiple copies of a photo, probably because I kept hitting a button and the tablet didn't seem to respond. When I go delete these via the Gallery app, it seems to take like 30+ second to delete a photo, but then the odd occasion it takes 5 seconds. Is this normal?
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    May 23, 2012
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    Onda Vi40 Elite 16GB V3
    I got mine from an e-shop and it also had a screen protector already on, with one corner bent. You can replace it with a new one if you want. I can`t remember what photos were already on it, but there were some.

    As to apps freezing, yes it happens sometimes, mainly on stock firmware, but on custom ones too, but less. I suggest you update your ROM to one of the custom ones, Vanilla, Mike`s minimal ROM, TNT rom are popular. Or try CyanogenMode9, this is the fastest one, but also drains more battery and is a little bit harder to install. You can find a post about it here, or on slatedroid, as you can about the other ROMs too.

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