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    Welcome to BobjGear, LLC
    Hi everyone,

    Welcome to BobjGear.com

    I know when this new business, BobjGear, started. It was when I put myself on a waiting list for one of the first Android Tablets - (a Toshiba THRiVE). Then I went on the hunt for a forum to join. I joined your sister forum - thriveforums.org. As a member there, I read folks' postings for a substantial Silicone Case that would protect their Tablets from an accidental drop, more so than the typical tablet "skins" that were being offered for sale. And then, in a moment of graciousness, I offered to build their ideal case for them.

    How hard could it be I thought, six months ago? HAH! I think I have slept about every other night, for the last three months.

    What I don't know is
    Where will all this will lead- I never intended to come out of retirement. I just always like to be learning something new. And I like to solve peoples' problems. So even though I was never in manufacturing, or engineering, when some of those good folks on the forum started to get frustrated about not finding the Silicone Case they wanted, I thought it would be fun to solve their problem. It has only been four months since I actually jumped in with both feet, to NOW HAVING THE FIRST PRODUCTION BATCH OF "Bobj SILICONE CASES for the Toshiba THRiVE" SELLING ON AMAZON.COM .

    Please take the time to visit my Web Site:

    Did I learn a lot! ... Learning to use CAD/CAM engineering tools. ... Re-engineering designs that can't be manufactured, ... to Patenting something.... From Incorporating a business, .... to the "how-to" of the import/export business, to learning how to work with US Customs. Then developing my own Web-Site. And I still don't think of myself as having gone back to work, I am still just "having fun on the Forums", meeting new people and learning new stuff. Now I have the additional pleasure of being a member of this
    AndroidTablets.net forum.

    So now I am splitting my time on
    thriveforums.org between "Bobj", the Networking SuperModerator, and "BobjGear", the Tablet Accessories Developer. And now I am here also as BobjGear, Android Tablet Accessories Developer. As long as I am continuing to have fun, I intend to keep helping you have fun with your Android Tablets, by providing you new accessories, and when possible, agreeing - yes I can make that for you. When I was a little kid, I always wanted to be an inventor. Thanks to my jump into the rapidly evolving world of Android Tablets, I guess I have that opportunity now.

    I look forward to working with you and improving our enjoyment of Android Tablets.
    Kind regards,

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    Welcome to Android Tablets BobJ, nice to have you here.
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    I was wondering if you can also make a silicon cover for Vizio 8" Tablet. I would suppose since the Micro SD slot is not that important you could not make an opening for the Vizio. However since there is an IR section you should not cover that and the speakers. Then again you could make some of the slots optional and maybe the user could use an exacto knife to cut their own openings?

    Please consider my request for a silicon case for Vizio (a 10" will be coming later). Thank you.

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