1. X

    Android Tablet for drawing?

    I want an android tablet to draw when I’m on the go but I have no idea which ones are good to use. Maybe some can help me with some advice or experience reports? I’ve seen some posts like 10 Best Android Drawing Tablets in 2023 - pctechtest , but I’m still not sure. I’m happy about any tips...
  2. Robin-Justin

    Please suggest me best android tablet, keep in mind i need best camera, and battery life.

    Please suggest me best android tablet, keep in mind i need best camera, and battery life.
  3. Timothy Love

    Beginner tablet

    Hello guys, I'm after a tablet for my grandma. He has a cheap knock off one atm that isn't very good so I want to but him a better one Can anyone recommend a decent one that isn't ridiculously expensive?
  4. K

    How To Solve This Issue?

    Hello everyone. My Windows 10 PC got stuck in tablet mode, not able to get it back to normal. Does anyone have any idea how to solve this issue? Kindly help.
  5. A

    I want a (symbol )barcode scanner to work with Chinese tablets

    I have a barcode scanner (Symbol) works fine with android devices like Samsung,.. but it doesn't work with my newly bought Chinese TCL Tablet, I need a solution to make it work with the TCL Tablet thanks
  6. L

    Firmware of inet-u708-rev03 please

    Hi, I need the firmware of inet-u708-rev03 since it does not appear anywhere. Thank you
  7. L

    iCraig Tablet Failed Reset

    Hello guys; im new to this website and new to these tablets. So, a friend of mine sold me one of these tablets, model:CMP801-BUN. She couldn’t remember her password, so I looked up online how to factory reset the tablet. I proceeded to do so; and it got to 61% before telling me there was a...
  8. J

    What Brand Is My Tablet?

    Hey people! I need some help. I just found this age old tablet (around 2012) which I bought from China or somewhere in my garage, and figured it'd be jokes to try it out. It's bricked, and I can't open the Android. I can access the recovery menu though, but that's all. In order for me to...
  9. G

    PRESTIGIO 5588c Hard Brick

    Hi everyone. I got a tablet that had a bootloop - it displayed the "The Art Hi-Tech" startup logo. I tried to upload the software to it from the manufacturer's site (via SD card), but the tablet did not react, so I decided to use ImageBurnTool. At the beginning I tried to upload the software...
  10. CruzLover

    Problems With Cruz Reader R103

    Hi, I want to get the google play store ever time I download a ANY apk for it it says " problem phrasing package" no .apk files work Help also I want to upgrade my android I am currently running on android version 2.2 that version is SLOW and the browser is also SLOW also I got appslib it...
  11. S

    Best Tablet For A Medical Student

    Hello, I want to buy a tablet and have with very specific demands, although I am not an expert in this field. I hope you guys can help me with an optimal choice. As in a description, I will be using tablet almost only for studying. So it does not have to be very fast - just fluent and able to...
  12. M

    Any Successor To The MediaPad M3?

    I'd like to have a new Android tablet nowadays & the closest to what I need is the Huawei Medipad M3 (wifi version) but I'm not very interested in it since I want my tablet to come with Android Oreo and with a USB type C. Does you guys know if Huawei is planning to release a successor to the M3...
  13. V

    Factory Reset Not Working

    I have a Polaroid M10 tablet. And have followed the manuals way to reset it but it still ask for previous owners info. The problem is that the previous owner has passed away. How can I get it actually reset?
  14. S

    Android Tablet Stuck On 'Unfortunately, Games Has Stopped'

    SWMBO's TabExpress android tablet has started to play up and is now just showing the window: Unfortunately, games has stopped. Athough other menus appear behind this window, it seems impossible to turn it off. Pressing the 'ok' script on the screen turns off the window, only for it to reappear...
  15. T

    Tablet Locked Into System Startup

    Hi, I have a tablet which has been stuck on the boot logo of the manufacturer (not of android) and will just not boot. It seems like there no way out of there. Last thing I was doing was that I was trying to root and flash a custom ROM on it. I managed to root it but I did something else which...
  16. B

    A20 Firmware

    Chinese android tablet, will not boot,never has. Simply displays a20 logo. Android repair screen can be accessed, but I have not been able to locate firmware to load, which I could load either by abs (microusb cable) or micro-sd card. Motherboard reads UY900 Ver1.12. I have Phoenixcard 3.06...
  17. I

    Swapping Digitisers

    I have an Ematic Tablet With a broken screen and digitizer. I also have a Trio Stealth G4 7 Tablet It is bricked and won't go pass the logo screen Both are almost the same size and apart from the position of the ribbon attachment seemed like an almost perfect fit. However, when I tried...
  18. V

    Huawei M-2 801W

    While I was in China my step son bought me one of these tablets, we have it to where most of it is in English now but there are many apps, I guess they are that are still in Chinese, Is there a way to remove all those apps and get every thing in English, it has many things that would be useful...
  19. I

    Using LINK2SD App On Tablet

    I want to expand the internal memory of my Samsung Galaxy Tablet ((Android version 4.4.2) from the external SD card memory , by using the Mini Tool Partition Wizard and the Link2SD application. Instructions are at 7 Methods to Increase Internal Storage Space of Android I have...
  20. Blavov

    Recommend A 3G/LTE Tablet?

    Hi all, I’ve been looking for a replacement for my broken Pipo M9 pro (10 inch 1920x1200, 32 GB flash, 2 GB RAM, 3G slot) tablet for a while now, but cannot find anything similar price- and feature-wise. What I’m looking for: ca. 10-inch display, at least FullHD (1920 x 1080) Android 5 or...