2.1 to 2.2


Dec 28, 2010
does anyone know how to upgrade the operating system. I bought this imoto 2.1 android tablet for my girlfriend specifically to skype.. the video demo on Lightinthebox said it was perfect for that, and it doesnt work. I think skpe is only compatable with 2.2 and this has 2.1.
Some tablets do not have a factory upgrade path. Without knowing the brand and model. It is hard to answer about upgrades. But Skype for 2.1 does work. You can find it in a number of locations. I think it is missing a few minor features, but does work.
Thanks, but i'm having problems. I saw 100's of complaints on skype similar to mine. Can you tell me how to find a way to make it work, downloading from my imoto 2.1 android tablet market, and skype keeps kicking me back to homescreen everytime I log in. I've unloaded and reloaded it 3 times , still no go.
@thrill try Settings>>Applications>>Unknown Sources. Make sure the checkbox is clicked on. Then try installing Skype. It may do the trick.