Administrator and user accounts


Aug 14, 2011
I havent been successful in finding an answer for this so i hope someone can help.

i know there are security settings that lock the screen and require a password or pattern to unlock. but, is there any way you can setup your device so that you can allow someone to use your android tablet, but they wont be able to move application icons around, open email, delete items, etc?

Is there any app that would allow an administrator and user accounts. so, that i can log a user on who could play games but be blocked from everything else?
This is available on some tablets, but it is baked into the ROM, I have not seen it as an add-on for the tablets. I know that the Tap-n-Tap environment has this, but not many people like that.
Hello pfries welcome to the forum. I don't know of anything that would give you that kind of control. There are apps to control which apps can be used, but that's about it.
Hello, thank you for the good job.

I have Wonder Media 8650 tablet. Under settings etc I get to a point where it shows 'Device Administrator' Add or Edit.However when I choose this option, I am unable to do anything further. It greys out.
I desire to be able to set an Administrator password for the device that can prevent another user from changing basic configuration details like setting up Wifi or resetting the tablet to factory default.
The Device Administrator API is something that was added to the OS after 2.2. It basically provides an API that can be used to control passwords, remote wipe, etc. What this setting is for is that once you have installed or accessed an app or service that requires the Device Admin API, you can enable it and manage aspects of it on the device.