Android 2.2 WM8650 800 Mhz. 2 Gb. 256Mb. MID(Fake;China)


Sep 17, 2011
Hi Forum Turkey, from Istanbul to agree. Issue is not listed below, I installed the new ROM tablets of Chinese goods. Deleted from the original rom. My goal was to make a slow-speed running on the system. However, I installed the full rom 23 units. ROM system has opened a few, but not exact. Sound does not work. The touchpad does not work. Please please help me find my ROM. I do not know English I write with the help of Google Translate. Thank you.

if I remember correctly
MW8650 800 MHZ 256 MB 2 GB.
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Kardesim, merhaba. Uberoid 10'u. Indirip kur. 42 numarali secenegi dene. Bu secenek uygun degilse digerlerini denersin.

you can download uberoid 10 and flash it with 42th option. If this option does not work for you, try another option.
I'm having same problem as you; I can't get the original ROM, but I've installed UBEROID 10.1, OPTION 8 (it's named "MID710"). It works fine, direction sensor goes fine, wifi navigation too... not completly tested, but seems ok.

But I have a little problem; this tablet is for my daughter, and original had "Angry Birds", and now I can't install it, and I'm crazy because I can't find a solution. Any help? I'll try to make a moment to creat a new thread, but if anyone knows, help is welcome.

Hope my recomendation helps you!