Anybody installed the appslib update and having problems with it?


Dec 29, 2010
i've installed the update from the appslib website, however the new update is causing my coby to freeze for no reason and it is slow....does not respond well...anyone having the same problems?
i have to do a data wipe and reset to get it back to original state but it is not responding again due to their server is currently down
yes everyone is having issues with appslib but not many have said its ruining their tablets you might want to uninstall that
My tablet runs better with the update from Coby. I still have issues with the wifi not sustaining the connection but I suspect it is a different issue.
Looking forward to the appslib working again. There is only so much fun I can have with the clock and the calculator.
I did the firmware update from Coby as well. Seems to be running fine. Sunday (12-26) I attempted the update for appslib and it just went to a blank screen. I had to uninstall it. From another post on this forum, I attempted the Applib update from the webite (from the browser on the 7015) and it installed and is running fine. I have down loaded two apps thus far and it seems to be wokring properly.
Hope this helps.