Archos 101 speaker problems


Sep 2, 2010

i have a archos 101 which i loved until the second week of January when it decided that the speaker (i think it was the left one) was just going to stop working. i sent the tablet straight back to archos and now have a replacement which arrived yesterday :) . However After taking it into collage and playing songs for about 5 minutes at about 75% volume the left speaker just cut out like before, The only thing that i can think of is either that i am very unlucky and have another defective tablet or it is a software error. i wondered if anyone else had this issue or if anyone has any ideas on how to solve it. otherwise ill have to send it back to archos and hope that i don't get another faulty one

Thanks a lot

Have you tried another audio source (i.e. another music app, youtube, etc.)? That would be the best way to test for h/w vs s/w issues.
There have been reports of similar behaviour on a different forum (Archosfans) but l_n is spot on.
i have just played the music via youtube and it doesn't work either so i don't think its a problem with the archos music player. Also i have just noticed another problem has occurred the display has lots of white lines appearing all over it like interference. i restarted and the white line appear to have disappeared however looks like its going to be another return. i am going to totally reset the device and see what happens.
Ok after complete reset the left speaker still isnt working and i am still getting the little white lines appearing across the screen i might try downgrading the firmware to 2.0 does anyone know the best way of doing this??

thanks again

Welcome to the "wunnerful world" of Archos firmware. They do some type of serialization on their devices so you cannot back/down grade easily to prior versions. The current version of 2.2 is 2.0.71. Prior version (which I think you can roll back to is 2.0.54) You cannot roll back to the 2.1 Eclair build. There are instructions on the Archos site on how to manually apply firmware. This is not hard, and I did it, It is getting into maintenance mode.

What my fear is you have a bad circuit board on this unit too and firmware change will not bring joy. Here is one diag I read elsewhere. (I forget where or I would give credit and link). Power on, and calibrate. Once calibrated. When the white lines appear rotate the device. If firmware, the lines will follow your rotation. ie Portrait and Landscape mode will have the same lines across in the screen. If Hardware, the lines will remain constant. The other thing it said was to lightly Flex the case as it played and see if the lines get worse or go away. That is a clear indicator of Hardware if they get worse or go away.

Anyone who has a 101 knows what I mean by light flex. It is almost too thin and not rigid enough. I can cause the Back or the home button to activate playing too aggressively on Angry Birds or one of the Racing games.

Best of luck
ok when i lightly flexed the case the lines went away so im going to return emailing archos now

thanks for all your help